105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Close Call

South Hill United Methodist Church

Close Call

It is easy to forget when going to a city that, no matter how beautiful it is, it is still a city. Last night after dinner, I experienced a graphic reminder of this.

As we exited the restaurant after dinner, we heard a sound similar to a metallic scraping. The sound was difficult to identify, but grew steadily louder. All the sudden, a car flew by us, much faster than usual, with no tires, rims sparking all the way. The car was closely followed by around 10 different police vehicles. It was clearly a police chase in which the leading vehicle had been hit with police spike strips. The vehicle did come to a stop three blocks from us, clearly unable to navigate a curve without tires.

Speaking with others that were closer (and almost hit by it), the driver exited the vehicle, fought with police, and was tazed.

Nothing like life in the big city.

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