105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

An Election Day Prayer

South Hill United Methodist Church

An Election Day Prayer

November 8, 2016 by

God all of peoples, we give thanks to you on this Election Day. We thank you for the United States of America, for those who sacrificed their lives and fortunes for our freedoms, for bravery in the quest for human rights, for immigrants who built our nation, and first Americans who welcomed pilgrims from a far off land.

We thank you for those who protested injustice, segregation, discrimination, and disenfranchisement. We thank you for suffragettes and freedom riders, for peaceful protesters and everyday people who volunteer to make our nation a better place for all its peoples.
We ask on this Election Day that we truly let freedom ring, that we place love of our country, justice, and care for the planet above ideology and partisanship. Help us see the limitations of our own positions and find common cause with persons of good will regardless of our political differences. Make our votes prayers for a better world in which all your children can express their God-given gifts for the common good.

Help us gracefully accept the outcome, whether our candidates win or lose. Let us turn from obstruction to construction, as we seek to embody our founders’ dreams. Let us bless one another in all our diversity and in our political involvement truly be partners in creating a country in which God “crowns our good with brotherhood – and sisterhood – from sea to shining sea.” Bless our nation and bless our planet. Amen.

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