105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia


South Hill United Methodist Church


Especially in today’s world of extreme absolutes, we must keep in mind that we cannot negate the good work of imperfect people who make mistakes. We keep elevating people to the level of idols, then are disappointed when we find out they are human after all. Poor actions must have consequences, but that does not mean that everything someone has done is bad or invalid. Just because we don’t like someone does not mean they can’t have good ideas, and just because we like someone doesn’t mean they can’t do wrong. From historical figures to contemporary leaders, this applies. Some of the world’s greatest discoveries and accomplishments come from seriously flawed people (and God continually chooses those with questionable or downright horrid pasts to do God’s work). We must also remember that we are all flawed.

Here’s a novel idea: How about we quit judging so harshly and meanly and start making the world better, together.

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