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July/August Service Day

South Hill United Methodist Church

July/August Service Day


Our July/August service day will be helping assemble the new playground at Centennial Park.

Get your South Hill UMC service shirts at the church office and head on over to help assemble this great community project that will help many.

Kids = Play is so excited to announce that we have decided to work with Cunningham Recreation, an exclusive representative of GameTime, to design the all-inclusive playground that will be installed in Centennial Park!! We are anticipating everything to be finished within the next month or so and we are so excited to see this dream become a reality! We have decided to do a Community Build, therefore, we will be looking for volunteers willing to help us assemble the play equipment. This should take around 1-2 days and we are shooting for August 3-4. Our alternate date in case of bad weather or shipping issues will be August 10-11. I am emailing to ask for you all’s help as we end our journey to bring inclusive play to Southern Virginia. Ideally, we need at least 5-6 groups of 6-7 people per group. (Of course we welcome more people in case breaks need to be taken, etc to ensure that we can continue working throughout the weekend). We would like organizations to form groups of people that would like to help, and choose a group leader that we can communicate with about the logistics of the project. However, if there are people that cannot form a group and are going to show up the day of, we welcome you and just ask that you email us saying that you will be in attendance. We would like to caution everyone that this is strenuous work. We will be providing water and lunch on both days.

Being able to bring inclusive play to Southside Virginia will help build and foster relationships for years to come. We can’t wait to see the finished product and we hope you all are as excited as we are!! Without your help throughout this project, especially now at the end stages, we could never have made this dream become a reality.

If any organizations would like us to come and speak about the process thus far and any clarifications regarding the community build, please just send us an email at kidsequalplay@gmail.com.

Madilynne Tanner
Olivia Tanner
Nylah Custalow

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