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We are now live on Sundays! Join us on-line in real-time when you can’t be here in person. In you missed a week or want to share, previous services are archived.

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11 Responses

  1. Sherrie Storm says:

    Thank you Pastor Brian!

  2. Betty Edwards says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to worship online! Dylan was able to participate in he children’s message. 🙂. There were 2 of us in attendance. Thanks for the timely message!

  3. Ann Nichols says:

    Thank you, Pastor Brian. I enjoy watching your service. God Bless you and your family.

  4. Diane Nichols says:

    Thank you for what you are doing to make a service available each week. It’s not the same as being in the pew, but God is still there!

    Love and sympathy to you and Holly and your family ❤️❤️

  5. Jimmie K. Crowder says:

    So wonderful. Thanks Preacher.

  6. Ann Hardin says:

    Thank you Brian, Jimmie, Charlene and all involved in today’s service. It was a glorious celebration of our greatest news and resurrection hope – He is RISEN!!! RISEN INDEED!!!!

  7. Douglas Young says:

    Thank you Pastor Brian for your service today and always!

    What a blessing it is for us all to know and love God, from the beginning of Abraham, to the love of his son Jesus Christ, to the disciples and people called on to serve and share the message of God’s love for all to hear.

    We are especially blessed by the love Jesus showed to us all during his presence with us, to share love and compassion for all, all the while, carrying through with his ultimate sacrifice (as do our first responders, nurses, volunteers, military service personnel today) to show all the people of the world the ultimate power of love over death. Thanks be to God!

  8. Douglas Young says:

    Thank you Pastor Brian for today’s message. Your message from God’s word and Jesus’ practice of love and compassion have inspired me to grow in my life to share the love of Jesus Christ.

    The phrase “Peace be with you!”, if said with honesty and purpose, can produce a calming, and hopefully, less confrontational approach to dealing with difficult people and situations that present itself on occasions. By opening with this phrase to another, it will hopefully focus my thoughts and prayers on dealing with such potential confrontations with love and compassion, and not be combative defensively in mind and spirit resulting in reckless resolution to a problem .

    I will probably continue to fumble, on occasion, my approach to best resolve negative situations presented to me by difficult people, but hopefully less often by remembering and using “Peace be with you!”.

    Again, thank you for your service and message!

    Douglas Young

  9. Jimmie K. Crowder says:

    Whenever I am exposed to wonderful young people like these today, It restores my faith in the future of this Country. Good Luck and Love to all.

  10. Ann Hardin says:

    During this time of quarantine, it has meant so much to me to have this stabilising point during the week. Even though we are physically separated, it has brought a small sense of “normalcy” to my days.
    I appreciate all of you who have given of yourselves to bring the “church” to me (and others) by word, song and prayer each week when we can’t gather as the church. Let us go forth this week and intentionally be the church to each other and the world.

  11. Charles and Betty Young says:

    Thank you and our conference for providing this avenue to worship during these trying times. We have survived , so far the virus pandemic and the fall out of our political systems. Thankfully we have our church and God to help us continue serving and believing in our Holy Spirit. Charles and Betty Young

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