105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

March for Equality

March for Equality

Pastor Brian encourages participation in this rally as we stand by and with our neighbors and community. Feel free to identify yourself with the church by wearing your church shirt. If you don’t have one and would like one, then we can get you one. Social distancing and face covering during the rally are recommended.


Saturday June 13th, 2020 in South Hill, VA., starting at 6:30pm in the Ampitheater in Centennial Park.

The “March for Equality” will be taking place. This march is being done so together, we can be the light. We are going to march and shine light on racism, injustice and all forms of oppression that plague our country. Together we are going to further unit our community through the doors of grace and love. As a community we are going to be the light, be a light that gives hope, and give a hope that sparks transformation.

Thank you to Chief Stuart BowenMayor Dean Marion & the South Hill Town Council for helping us put this together!

Social Distancing is being encouraged

⚠️ NOTE: ⚠️

This is a peaceful march. We are marching for unity and reconciliation amongst all of Gods children. Any and all forms of violence are prohibited. If we want to see a difference made, we must do it through love & nonviolence.


“Darkness cannot drive our darkness, only light can do that; Hate cannot drive our hate, only love can do that.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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