105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Nativity Idol

South Hill United Methodist Church

Nativity Idol

On Sunday, December 17, at 5:00pm we performed  our annual Christmas play. This year, we featured, “Nativity Idol.” Come laugh along as we discover the story of Christ’s birth anew.

“This… is Nativity Idol!” Using the same format as the popular TV show, contestants compete for a role in the Christmas pageant. That’s where the similarity ends, however. All the judges are wholly original: the nasty and condescending Prudence Peacock, has-been actress Bea Sting, and aging hippie singer Misty Dawn. Contestants and the role they’re auditioning for include a teen girl with an overbearing stage mother (Mary), a carpenter by trade and a holistic healer on the side (Joseph), a too-good-to-be-true teen with an Air-Miles card (angel), an iPod-obsessed teen (shepherd) and an intellectual who holds Ph.D.s in mathematics, medicine and computer science (wise man). Throughout the hilarious auditions a Nativity tableau slowly builds, and the performance ends in candlelight, with the flame passed from one person to the next in a symbolic gesture of Christ as light of the world.

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