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Out of the Depths

Psalm 130 provides a proper ending to the series and an anticipation of what is to come. The psalm is a cry from the depths of pain or despair. And there is no clear resolution, no clear fix to the brokenness; the separation still abides. And yet, there is hope.

In Right Paths

Of all the songs in the hymn book of the people of God, the 23rd Psalm is probably the most beloved. It is almost impossible to read these six verses without hearing a favorite version sung.

Worship and Bow Down

Worship is not just, or even primarily, a head thing. It is a whole body thing; we pour ourselves out in worship. We enter the worship space and nothing else…

Going Out and Coming In

It’s only week two in Lent; there’s a long road ahead of us. Yet, if we’re not careful, we can begin to stop paying attention.

Happy Are Those

Happy isn’t a mood we associate with the season of Lent. Lent seems to call for something a little more somber, reflective, and inward looking. Certainly, the Lenten journey calls for attention to the inner self and the working of spiritual disciplines in the life of the individual and the community of faith.

Prepare Your Defense

We like certainty. We want to be prepared. But God tells us to trust more in God and less in ourselves. That’s hard.


All Saints message. We have an inheritance from those who have preceded us. Let’s make that mean something amazing!


Paul wrote from prison. His experience did not deter him, in fact, it strenghtened him. He was adamant that while he could be, and was, the Word of God cannot be imprisoned.


Remember God, Remember our faith, Remember each other.

Run Away

Run away from distracting forces and destructive characteristics. Instead, run toward God and God’s characteristics.