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Paul wrote from prison. His experience did not deter him, in fact, it strenghtened him. He was adamant that while he could be, and was, the Word of God cannot be imprisoned.


Remember God, Remember our faith, Remember each other.

Run Away

Run away from distracting forces and destructive characteristics. Instead, run toward God and God’s characteristics.


Jesus has made the payment for all of our sins, and we should pray for all to come to know this. That’s not always easy, for praying for all upsets the way things are.


We are all flawed. Jeremiah uses clay to illustrate that. But what if the clay represents more than us being molded to God?

The Right Time

Don’t Be Afraid

Christ’s clearly stating do not fear, because of God’s desire for us.


Greed is a pervasive human tendency. Jesus spoke out against it, very clearly and specifically. Maybe we should listen.


Our prayers may be a little off target at times…

Christ the Head

Who is the head of the Church, of us? Paul says Christ. If so, then what does that mean; what does that look like?