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These Are They

November 1, 2020
All Saints Day falls on a Sunday this year. John Wesley considered it one of the greatest celebrations in the life of the church. “How superstitious are they who scruple…

Know By Name

October 18, 2020
Today is Laity Sunday, the special Sunday we even more intentionally celebrate the ministry and work of the laity (that is, everyone other than clergy) in the congregation.
Does it seem that there are simply too many things to think about these days? It’s overwhelming, to say the least. It just might be time for a reset.
The world with which we desire to be in communion is broken and that part of our ongoing hope as followers of Jesus is that we proclaim the kin-dom of…
Manna, that’s what we’re celebrating today. Manna in the wilderness, sustenance for the journey. But also a question. “Manna” in Hebrew translates as, “What is it?” The perfect question for…
Remember, we are in the wilderness. The people standing on the shore, amazed at what God had accomplished, were not done with their journey. They had only just begun. We…

Holding Fast

August 30, 2020
Let us celebrate the working of love in the midst of the people of God. Find stories to tell, pictures that reveal, people who have experienced genuine love, who have…