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Happy isn’t a mood we associate with the season of Lent. Lent seems to call for something a little more somber, reflective, and inward looking. Certainly, the Lenten journey calls…

God vs Human

February 16, 2020
God's ways are better than human ways. God's laws are better than human laws. Human laws are based on restriction and punishment, and God's laws are based in Agape, God's…


February 9, 2020
Following Christ means we may be (or maybe will be) misunderstood.

The Upside Down

February 2, 2020
Jesus outlines God's vision of a world very different from our own. But which one is actually upside down?

Gone Fishing

January 26, 2020
It is easy for us to listen to what we want to. It is easy to make everything about us, even sermons. But really, the subject of our life should…