105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Book: Matthew

South Hill United Methodist Church

Reign of Christ or Christ the King Sunday is an opportunity to be reminded who is the one we have chosen to follow. It is an opportunity to give thanks…
This worship experience is both an inspiration to live each day aware of that presence and to acknowledge that all of us are closer to the one we follow than…
Reformation Sunday is an interesting event. In one sense, it has become an opportunity for all non-Catholic churches to celebrate their history that Luther and then others led in a…

Holding Fast

August 30, 2020
Let us celebrate the working of love in the midst of the people of God. Find stories to tell, pictures that reveal, people who have experienced genuine love, who have…

Who Do You Say?

August 23, 2020
This week, we have two texts that leap into our heads and hearts from which we can bring the community of faith to a resounding shout of joy.
This week’s topic is difficult. Both Paul’s letter to the Romans and Matthew’s Gospel present to us complicated texts that will be hard to wrestle into an easily digestible form…

The Yoke

July 5, 2020
What is freedom? Looking at freedom using Jesus' illustration of a yoke, which seems like quite the opposite. Or is it?