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Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths
March 29, 2020

Out of the Depths

Passage: Psalm 130
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Psalm 130 provides a proper ending to the series and an anticipation of what is to come. The psalm is a cry from the depths of pain or despair. And there is no clear resolution, no clear fix to the brokenness; the separation still abides. And yet, there is hope.

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2 Responses

  1. Jerry Reynolds says:

    Jerry and Sarah Reynolds attended. It was a very uplifting service. Thank you.

  2. Nancy Merrel says:

    Thank you for teaching the distinction between complaining and lamenting. it is important to use an I statement rather than you. We are grateful to have the ability to worship this way. It allows us to continue feeling connected. There were 3 watching the past two weeks. Today there were 2. We are also praying for Holly’s father and family. Peace be with you!

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