105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Series: Follow Me

South Hill United Methodist Church

But Only Jesus

February 14, 2021
This is the one who calls us to follow. We can always ask which is the real Jesus? Is it the one who gets his hands dirty with the mud…

She Began to Serve

February 7, 2021
Let us celebrate service today, but not as another call to do more, to give more, to work harder or to fill our overburdened schedules with work. Yes, there is…
We are people on a journey of transformation, and it isn’t always easy. Today, we acknowledge the hard work of becoming disciples and of setting aside the weight that clings…

Follow Me

January 24, 2021
How do we convince people that following Jesus is not simply about a state of being, but a call to doing? Certainly, there is a need for training, for preparation,…

Anything Good

January 17, 2021
“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” That’s our guiding phrase from our gospel text for this week. “Anything good?” Surely you can hear how that sounds. Surely in our…