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South Hill United Methodist Church


As I sit at lunch, I am a bit stunned as to the events today. It would be no surprise to recognize that I favored the One Church Plan for its ability to allow multiple theological convictions to remain together in fellowship, as I believe we are called to do. And that plan, the one our beloved church has spent so much money and trusted a called commission to come up with, is no more.

I, and others, certainly did not think that the United Methodist Church was so close to evenly divided. It shows how broken we are. The HUGE remaining question is… what next? This afternoon’s work must resolve several issues of constitutionality in the remaining plan, or we will end up with exactly what we have now. My heart says, this is not a favorable outcome, for what we have seems broken.

But, as I sit writing, I wonder “what if?” What if this, somehow, is God’s plan? What if there is a deeper plan unfolding that I have yet to perceive? We shall see. I know I see dimly what God sees clearly. I am not God. I find that helpful perspective.

I love the United Methodist Church. It is part of who I am. I believe in its mission, its unparalleled work in the world, and its focus on deeper understanding and vibrant faith. I do not plan on going anywhere, even when I disagree with and grieve over its current state. Anything human can be broken. Anything human contains elements of sin. But humans are also clearly loved by and can be changed by God. Thanks be to God.

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  1. Spencer Crowder says:

    Prayers for our denomination and our congregation as we seek God’s guidance. May our path become more obvious moving forward.

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