105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Sunday morning

South Hill United Methodist Church

Sunday morning

Being here at General Conference is a different kind of experience. Being with so many people from so many places is pretty amazing. Spending yesterday in prayer, and starting in worship today seems like the place to start. As today unfolds, I look forward to what happens.

Today, Bishop Ken Carder asks the question if God has already broken down the walls that separate us through the cross. Perhaps, we allow our story to beccome part of God’s greater story. Perhaps, we can take follow John Wesley’s general rules: “Do good, Do no harm, Love God.”

The morning business consisted of a report by the Commission on the Way forward. The work of the committee was summarized, the plans were outlined, and commission members gave reflection and prayer for the process ahead of us. One of the best quotes of the morning was “as Christians, we know that God can do amazing things in three days.”

If you are interested, this is what being in a former NFL stadium looks like. The tables on the floor are the tables for the delegations from across the globe. 864 delegates will be discussing and deciding the future of our church. The tables on the stage are for the Council of Bishops.

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