105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia



Enter his gates with thanks;
enter his courtyards with praise!
Thank him! Bless his name!

Psalm 100:4

I want to start by thanking the entire congregation for your continued work. Two years ago, we rolled out a vision for our church of becoming, once more, an integral part of the South Hill Community. We are definitely seeing movement toward that lofty goal. But, we still have work to do that depends upon all of us. We need to be open and aware of the events around us, so that we can plan to fully participate in as many as possible. Where the community is, we need to be as the body of Christ for the community. This means each and every one of us need to be ambassadors for Christ and our church both within and without the walls of the church.

As we move in to the month of Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for who we are. Let us be thankful for who we have been. And let us be thankful for who we will be. Let us carry that celebration of thanks into our Heritage Sunday celebration on November 24th as we celebrate 100 years on this corner of town. What a great milestone, but also what a great legacy to live up to in the future.

I know there is uncertainty about the United Methodist Church. I continue to offer open conversation about what is before us. Denominational uncertainty need not change who we are to the town. Let us be the church that is the place to be, for all generations, as we move forward into our next 100 years here.

Thank you all for what you do, for the church, for the community, and for God. We are the church, together.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Brian

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