105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Afternoon

We began with continued debate on the Traditional Plan.

And amendment was proposed to delete proposal 90032 from the Traditional Plan.

A point of order was given that there are rumors of vote buying. Motion to refer to investigation by the ethics committee. Requires 1/5 vote. Passed.

Resuming amendment discussion. Speeches for and against. Failed.

Amendment to proposal 90037 to change certification requirements for Conference Board of Ordained Ministry. Speeches for and against. Passed.

Amendments are given to revise other parts of the Traditional Plan.

Multiple points of order have been raised. Some have been affirmed, some have been out of order.

An attempt was made to divide the Traditional Plan into separate components. Denied by rule.

The Traditional Plan was moved to vote, in its entirety, as amended. It passed.

A vigorous singing and liturgy erupted during break.

A proposal to suspend the rules to shorten debate failed.

The minority report attempts to fix unconstitutional components of the Taylor dissolution proposal. The legislative committee recommended not approving the minority report and address the proposal as originally passed. Discussion ensued. The minority report passed, replacing the original report, and it passed.

Motion entered the floor to refer the Traditional Plan to the Judicial Council for a review of constitionality and effect of the plan. It passed.

The Boyette exit plan was voted down along two more items.

We closed in worship.

Meanwhile….. protestors were in the lobby which escalated to include a police response.

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