105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Tuesday Morning

South Hill United Methodist Church

Tuesday Morning

Again, we began in worship.

After administrative committees gave their reports, we began business. The first Bishop presiding is Bishop Palmer.

The first petition comes from a standing committee and deals with specifying the implementation time within Central Conferences of any changes in the Book of Discipline from this confrence. An ammendment was offered, and was not supported. The petition passes.

The next petitions come from the Legislative Session yesterday and are the petitions from WesPath dealing with pension liabilites. An amendment was offered to verify Annual Conference obligations before exit. It passed. The amended petition passed.

A break!

A motion after break was made to reconsider the WesPath petitions pending additional information from WesPath releative to the amended petition. WesPath gave perspective. There was a substitute motion reflecting the input from WesPath. It passed and was added to the original motion. The new, amended, petition prevailed.

Next, a reading of the decisions from the Judicial Council. They determined that 90032 is constitutional; 90033 is not; 90034 is not; 90035 is not; 90036 is; 90037 is not; 90038 is not; 90039 is not; 90040 is not; 90042 is; 90043 is; 90044 is; 90045 is not (2nd sentence); 90046 is; 90047 is; 90059 is not; 90066 is not.

The Traditional plan was presented.

The minority report was given by Tom Berlin to promote the One Church Plan as a replacement for the Traditional Plan, charaterizing the Traditional Plan as a “virus” that will infect the American Church and eventually spread to the globe.

There were discusions for and against. Tom Berlin wrapped up as the presenter of the minority report. The chair of the legislative committee recommended rejecting the substitute minority report and take up the business as approved yesterday.

After a prayer, the body voted down the minority report. The plenary session will now work on the traditional plan proposals. There will be work to be done, because several components were found to be unconstitutional.

Speeches were given for and against the Traditional Plan.

Amendment on 90032 to further define marriage for clergy. It did not prevail.

We ajourned for lunch.

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